WordPress Tech Support

WordPress Tech Support Experts After trying many, many different content management systems (CMS) over the years, we feel that WordPress is by far the best solution for the majority of our clients. It is a cost-effective way for individuals and small businesses to maintain their websites and blogs with little technical knowledge. But sometimes they need a little WordPress tech support.

That’s because WordPress plug-ins and themes don’t always work properly, depending on the skill level of the WordPress developer who created them.

Wapuu WordPress MascotSome WordPress plugins and themes are complicated and time consuming to set up. If you’ve done any customization, updates can really mess things up. But you have to update because if you don’t keep all your themes and plugins current, your WordPress site become a prime target for hackers.

Speaking of hackers, we’ve cleaned up many hacked WordPress sites. And if you rely on your website to bring revenue to your business, having a hacked WordPress website is like hanging a Closed sign on your business door. So if it happens, you need help fast.

So no matter what needs to be done, chances are, if it involves WordPress tech support, our WordPress experts have done before. And we will use that experience to help you too.


Wapuu WordPress mascot copyright Kazuko Kaneuchi