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We provide a full range of Webmaster Services including tech support, site updates, regular back-ups, hack clean-ups, website maintenance and content updates. We are WordPress experts and can provide ongoing support as well as help with individual tasks.


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Webmaster Services by Site Doctor 911

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Webmaster Services by Site Doctor 911

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Webmaster Services by Site Doctor 911

The WordPress VIP Support Plan –

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VIP Members Pay Only $39 per single task*


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* tasks of 30 minutes or less

Webmaster Services Include:

Hack Protection, 24/7 Security Monitoring,
Regular updates to WordPress, Themes &
Plugins, Uptime Monitoring:
$39/month VALUE


Daily Backups to Offsite Storage:
$79/month VALUE


If Your Site or Blog is Hacked,
We’ll Clean it Up for FREE:
$250 VALUE


WordPress Health & Diagnostic Check-Up:


Peace of Mind Knowing Your Site is
Safe and Being Monitored 24/7:


Feeling Overwhelmed Managing WordPress?

Webmaster Services by Site Doctor 911

✓ Daily Backups
✓ Regular updates of plugins and themes
✓ Security Monitoring
✓ Malware Scans
✓ Uptime Monitoring
✓ Activity Tracking
✓ Site Performance Optimization
✓ Technical Troubleshooting


You Need Webmaster Services

Your website is a reflection of your business. To look professional, remain accessible and stay virus-free it needs to be maintained and updated. But let’s face it, do you really have the time or expertise to keep up with the demands of an effective website. Even if you do, is this really the best use of your time?

Unless you plan on a career as a webmaster, the amount of time you spend keeping WordPress running smoothly is being stolen away from the more critical tasks of running your business. Let us provide the webmaster services you need so you can focus on the important stuff.