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Webmaster Services

Spending Too Much Time Managing Your Website?

Webmaster Services by Site Doctor 911

✓ Daily Backups
✓ Regular updates of plugins and themes
✓ Security Monitoring
✓ Malware Scans
✓ Uptime Monitoring
✓ Activity Tracking
✓ Site Performance Optimization
✓ Technical Troubleshooting

Don’t You Have Better Ways to Spend Your Valuable Time?


We provide a full range of Webmaster Services including tech support, site updates, regular back-ups, hack clean-ups, website maintenance and content updates.

We are WordPress Experts and can provide ongoing support as well as help with individual tasks.

Webmaster Services by Site Doctor 911

We’re North American

Webmaster Services by Site Doctor 911

We Speak English

Webmaster Services by Site Doctor 911

We Work in Your Time Zone

All the Webmaster Services You Need, at an Affordable Price


Plan Features


basic security and backups


uptime and performance

Best Value


top of the line care

Hack Protection, 24/7 Security Monitoring
We install a number of security plugins that will put a safety net around your site, keeping the bad guys out and alerting us if there is suspicious activity.

We also regularly scan your site for any malware or viruses that might have been uploaded through a rogue plugin or theme. All plans.

Regular Backups to the Cloud
We regularly backup your site and store it securely off-site. All plans.




Weekly Updates
We keep all versions of WordPress, Themes* and Plugins* up-to-date. Any critical security patches will be applied on day of release. All plans.

Activity Tracking
We keep an audit log of all activity on your site so that if there’s a problem, we can track it back to its origin. All plans.

Uptime Monitoring
We run automated testing of your site every few minutes to make sure it’s still online. If it's not we'll quickly check it out.

If it turns out to be something that can’t be quickly resolved, we’ll contact you to discuss options. All plans.

Every 15 min.

Every 5 min.

Every 1 min.

Free Malware Removal
If your site is hacked while on one of our plans, we'll clean it up for free. Only applies to sites already on one of our plans. All plans.

If you need your site cleaned up now and it's not already on one of our plans, check out our Hack Repair service.

Google Analytics Connected
We will connect your site to your Google Analytics Account. Intensive and Critical Care plans.

Updates on Staging Server
We test updates on a copy of your site before performing them on your live site. Critical Care plan only.

Enhanced Security
We add a Web Application Firewall (WAF) between your site and the bad guys, safeguarding it from OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities as well as SQL injection, XSS, DDoS attacks and WordPress specific vulnerabilities. Critical Care plan only.




* Many premium plugins and themes such as those from CodeCanyon, WooCommerce and ThemeForest require license registration. We will be able to update these only if we are provided access to updated versions online.

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