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You shouldn’t have to become a Webmaster to Master your Website.

WordPress Developer

Mastering the Web is Our Job.

We are Web Developers. For over twenty years we have been building custom websites, programming all the functionality and then adding a simple Content Management System for Clients to manage their content.

A Content Management System or “CMS” allows you to create, control and manage the content of your website without needing technical knowledge.

WordPress Changed All That

WordPress Expert Logo

Instead of integrating a CMS into a website, with WordPress the CMS becomes the site, with functionality packaged into modular themes and plugins.

WordPress is CMS

No more need for Web Developers like us when you can just ‘plug’ functionality into your site.

At least, that’s the theory.

But not all WordPress plug-ins and themes play nice with each other.

WordPress error

And we’ll let you in on a little secret…

WordPress Secret

Most Web Designers are NOT Computer Programmers.

So if something goes wrong,
you are on your own.

Get Help With WordPress

That’s Why We Created

Site Doctor 911 logo

A Service to Restore, Maintain and Improve
the Health of Your WordPress Website.

You are the Expert at What You Do.
Let Site Doctor 911 Take Care of the Rest.

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