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WordPress Support

We know how frustrating it is to have a vision of how you want your WordPress site to look or function and after spending hours trying to fix it yourself, it still isn’t right.

Do you really have the time to spend watching online tutorials and learning to write code just so you can have a website?

WordPress Support

No, we didn’t think so.

Oh, don’t get us wrong – as WordPress support experts we love getting our hands inside WordPress code and fine-tuning everything about it.

But is trying to do it yourself really the best use of YOUR time?

Site Doctor 911 provides all the WordPress support you need.

Let us take care of the pesky details so you can focus on the bigger picture, like creating content, writing blog posts, managing customers or doing online and social media marketing. 

Here Are Just a Few of the WordPress Tasks We Can Help You With:

  • Hacked site or blog
  • Outdated/unsupported code
  • Broken plugins
  • WordPress errors
  • Poor website security
  • Google Adwords errors
  • SEO issues
  • Page formatting issues
  • PHP errors
  • Template errors
  • Improper code usage
  • Broken sliders
  • Broken menus
  • Database connections
  • Server errors
  • Website version changes
  • Poor image quality
  • Missing pages
  • Slow loading time
  • Page errors
  • Browser differences
  • Broken links
  • Poorly coded html
  • Script errors
  • Backup restoration
  • Domain changes
  • Hosting changes
  • CSS errors
  • Website navigation issues
  • Accessibility problems
  • Browser compatibility issues
  • Dreamweaver errors
  • Improperly embedded code
  • Screen-size problems
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