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WordPress Hacked?

Niagara Falls Hacked WordPress Repair Service

WordPress Hacked Niagara Falls

We understand the sense of violation you feel when your Niagara Falls WordPress site gets hacked.

We service the Niagara Falls area, cleaning up hacked WordPress sites, finding the source of the hack and repairing it, removing malware and rogue files, strengthening your site security and installing WordPress security plugins to defend against future attacks.

Repair Hacked WordPress Niagara Falls

“Over the past two months our website was hacked repeatedly by malware that redirected our followers to porn sites. We have had the entire website professionally cleaned by and moved to a new server.

Sitedoctor911 was absolutely amazing in going through the code and cleaning the site line by line and even managed the move to our new server.”

David Riggs - Accounting Services of YorkDavid Riggs
Accounting Services of York

Every Hour That Passes, You Risk Developing The Following Serious Symptoms:

Angry Niagara Falls Customers Hacked WordPress


If your site isn’t working, don’t expect visitors to give you a second chance.

Niagara Falls Legal Aspects of Hacked WordPress


A hacked site runs the risk of infecting people’s computers with malware.

Hacked WordPress Security Niagara Falls


If your site is hacked, people wonder what else is wrong with your business.

Hacked WordPress Niagara Falls


You might as well hang a CLOSED sign on your online business.

What Are You Waiting For?

Hack Repair Niagara Falls

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