Website Redesign – Site Need a Facelift?

Website Redesign

A facelift requires surgery, and is a more invasive procedure than simple first aid; it usually involves adding something, removing something or enhancing something. The same is true for redesigning a WordPress website or blog.

This kind of work is best left to the experts because it often requires opening up the guts of the site and working directly with the code. Fortunately, Site Doctor 911 hires professionals with skills extending from simple band-aids to complete reconstructive surgery, so you’re in good hands.

In fact, on more than one occasion we’ve been called in to resuscitate a site where someone who didn’t know what they were doing did something anyway. And that’s fine with us – we love a challenge!

Here are a few things to consider with a website makeover:

  • Rejuvenate your site with a new WordPress theme
  • Customize an existing WordPress theme
  • Create a mobile-friendly version of your site
  • Create new pages or a group of pages
  • Remove sections or pages from your site
  • Add functionality like online forms, social media widgets, calendars, videos and more

Because every site is unique, we quote WordPress website redesign on a project basis. We will work with you to establish what you want to do, and then prepare a proposal that outlines the project and includes a budget and timeline. Give us a call or send us a message to discuss the possibilities for your WordPress website.